Shirley and Buddy by Sinful Colors

Here is Shirley and Buddy by Sinful Colors.  I used three coats of this polish in the image below, and it is still so SHEER!  The base is a shimmer light sheer pink, and it has blue and pink micro glitter.  I don’t really care for it on its own.  It looks awesome in the bottle, but just fails to impress me on the nail.  So I thought, why not try Shirley and Buddy layered over different colors and see how it looks?

I layered Shirley and Buddy over: Orly Flirty Girl, a sheer creme white-pink; China Glaze Rich and Famous, a creme hot pink; Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl, a creme light pink; and China Glaze Black Diamond, a shimmery dark coal grey.  For the swatches, I used 2 coats of the base color, and 2 coats of Shirley and Buddy over top.  I did like how it looked over the two softer pinks, Flirty Girl and Beautiful Girl; but over Rich and Famous’ hot pink, and Black Diamonds grey shimmer, it really fell flat in my opinion.

What do you guys think about this one?  Should I try different colored bases?  Or does this one go out the door?