Cleopatra and Euro Trash

Now, I know gold doesn’t look so good on me.  I just don’t care because I think it’s pretty anyway…  Cleopatra is one of the new glitter polishes released by China Glaze this Fall.  It is a very yellow-toned gold glitter polish.  I know it looks kinda boring in the picture, but I assure you, it has holographic glitter as well!  The holographic glitter shines blue, green and violet and adds a beautiful yet unexpected dimension to this gorgeous glitter polish.  This formula still has a slight grainy texture even with 2 coats of Seche Vite.  In this picture I am wearing 2 coats of Cleopatra;  I could have used 2 more coats judging by the sheerness.

Hey look!  I got a picture with a little holographic glitter showing!

The other nail polish in this picture is Euro Trash by Sinful Colors.  I’ll leave you with some comparison swatches for the heck of it.  Goodnight!




Shirley and Buddy by Sinful Colors

Here is Shirley and Buddy by Sinful Colors.  I used three coats of this polish in the image below, and it is still so SHEER!  The base is a shimmer light sheer pink, and it has blue and pink micro glitter.  I don’t really care for it on its own.  It looks awesome in the bottle, but just fails to impress me on the nail.  So I thought, why not try Shirley and Buddy layered over different colors and see how it looks?

I layered Shirley and Buddy over: Orly Flirty Girl, a sheer creme white-pink; China Glaze Rich and Famous, a creme hot pink; Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl, a creme light pink; and China Glaze Black Diamond, a shimmery dark coal grey.  For the swatches, I used 2 coats of the base color, and 2 coats of Shirley and Buddy over top.  I did like how it looked over the two softer pinks, Flirty Girl and Beautiful Girl; but over Rich and Famous’ hot pink, and Black Diamonds grey shimmer, it really fell flat in my opinion.

What do you guys think about this one?  Should I try different colored bases?  Or does this one go out the door?



Cha Cha Red by Sinful Colors

I love to use Sinful Colors nail polishes!  They go on great, cost less than $2 each, have a huge color and finish selection, and last a long time compared to other drugstore brands.  I was so happy when I found Sinful Colors at Walgreen’s last month; Cha Cha Red was one of 10 polishes that came home with me that day.

I really love this shade of pink; that’s right pink.  Although this nail polish is called Cha Cha Red by Sinful Colors, it is a medium-dark cool pink creme.  For some reason, it is coming out medium-light pink in the photo.  There is a more true-to-color photo over here: Sinful Colors Mini-Haul.  This polish is so opaque that I could have used only one coat, but I have 2 coats on in this picture.

Anyone else have a drugstore brand they love, or a Sinful Colors fanatic like me?



Sinful Colors – Mini-haul

I first discovered Sinful Colors nail polish on a trip to visit my sister in Portland, OR.  We were at Fred Meyer (btw I love that store, almost as good as Target), and came across the Sinful Colors display.  They have a huge selection of beautiful and unusual colors.  Unsure of the quality, I only bought four colors; Fuchsia Purple, Courtney Orange, Goreous, and Sharon’s Heart.  Later that night, I painted my sisters nails Courtney Orange, a gorgeous shimmery deep orange, and mine Fuchsia Purple, a cool shimmery fuchsia.  I was impressed with the formula, and application!  Since I was flying home, I decided to leave them behind with her.

Since then I have been on the lookout for the Sinful Colors brand.  I found them today at Walgreen’s, and they were $1.99 each!  I was so excited that I parked myself in front of the display and browsed the colors for about an hour.  I think this brand is quickly becoming one of my drugstore favorites.  Here’s the 10 great shades I came home with!

Shirley and Buddy (837) is a semi-sheer soft pink with a blue microglitter.  Beautiful Girl (314) is a light, yet not pastel, pink creme.  Cha Cha Red (32) is a dark pink-red creme, and my personal favorite of the bunch.  Shining Heart (271) is a duochrome polish, it has a bright red base with hot pink flash.  Forget Now (321) is a dark pink jelly with tons of hot pink glitter.

Euro Trash (838) is a gold foil with copper-gold glitter throughout.  Gorgeous (293) is a duochrome polish, it has an aqua blue base with a green-yellow flash.  Tokyo Doll (307) is a duochrome polish, it has a mandarin orange base with a hot pink flash.  Bali Mist (387) is a duochrome polish and is semi-sheer, it has a violet base with a faint green-yellow flash.  What’s Your Name (319) is a black polish with tons of aqua blue glitter.

I’m so happy with all of these polishes!  Since it’s dark out, I may be missing something with a couple of these colors, especially the duochromes.  I can’t wait to scope them out in the sunlight and paint them on my tips and toes!