O.P.I. Designer Series – Mini Haul

I went shopping at Ulta few weeks ago, and spotted some O.P.I. Designer Series nail polishes.  They were all so beautiful, I just about had a heart attack!  So excited… I even think I exclaimed out loud when I saw them.  I’m not a huge fan of O.P.I.’s formula (too gloopy, is that a word?) or brushes (way too wide and clumsy); since I had not tried O.P.I. DS nail polishes before, I didn’t want to get too many.

O.P.I. Designer Series Extravagance nail polish.

I settled on two gorgeous shades: Extravagance, a deep purple, with a slight red tone; and Glamour, a beautiful medium blue.  Of course, they have that stunning holo shimmer that O.P.I. Designer Series are famous for.  The formula on these O.P.I. Designer Series nail polishes is PERFECT!!  The brushes are still quite wide, but somehow applied the polish without a slip-up.  I am so happy to add these to my little collection!




Venus di Violet by O.P.I.

When Venus di Violet by O.P.I. was released with the Colorcopia Collection I decided I just had to have it.  The color is so unusual and very unique.  It is a semi-sheer polish in very light milky pink, and when the light hits it there is this very faint violet-blue flash.  I have on 3 coats with no top coat.



Funky French: Skinny Jeans by Sephora by O.P.I.

I love French Manicures with colored tips, but have never succeeded at doing one at home before.  I’ve tried both masking tape and freehand painting, it’s an utter failure (and huge mess) each time.  So I picked up adhesive guides for French Manicures last time I went to the beauty shop.  The back of my mind was telling me “This is the same as masking tape!  Don’t waste your money!”  Hmm… I bought them anyway.

I placed the strips on all my nails (getting them straight did take some practice), pressed down thoroughly and hoped for the best.  I painted my tips Skinny Jeans by Sephora by O.P.I., and Significant Other Color by O.P.I. over that.  These two polishes make a great combination!  Significant Other Color gives Skinny Jeans an almost turquoise cast in certain light because of the green-yellow flash.  Oh, and the final result?  Perfect (for the most part) French Tips!  OMG I am addicted…  I foresee many of these in my future.



8ty8 Beauty – Mini Haul

I’ve been having trouble finding many of the nail polishes I had been dreaming of at the local beauty supply stores in my area.  Not wanting to call around or travel far, I turned to the trusty internet!  After clicking around I noticed several other nail polish lovers have had a good experience when ordering from 8ty8beauty.com.  So I decided to check out their inventory; turns out they had everything I wanted and then some!

I’d definitely recommend checking out 8ty8Beauty.com for your nail care needs.  Their standard shipping was reasonably priced and fast; I placed my order on 5/17/09, and it delivered on 5/23/09.  Some of the best prices I’ve seen on the internet, well stocked on current seasons of China Glaze and O.P.I., and items were packaged so well that nothing broke!  Thanks again 8ty8Beauty.com!

Check out my haul!

From the China Glaze Summer Days Collection:

Raspberry Festival – Raspberry-red jelly with pink glassy shimmer.

Orange Marmalade – Juicy orange jelly with gold glassy shimmer.

Strawberry Fields – Medium Rose pink jelly with gold and pink glassy shimmer.

From the China Glaze OMG! Collection:

QT – Medium cool pink with holographic effect.

Wireless Holographic – Clear base with holographic shimmer particles.  I was hoping for smaller particles in this one; the specks stand out against dark polish noticeably and don’t give a great Holographic effect.

From the China Glaze Rodeo Diva Collection:

Rodeo Fanatic – Deep peacock blue with shimmer.

Cowgirl Up – Purple/Burgundy with shimmer.

These shades are fairly dark, but the shimmer in them causes a glowing effect.  They really are stunning.

Finally, I got Lunch at the Delhi by O.P.I.  I had been going back and forth on this one based on mixed color reviews; the only thing agreed upon was that it is a “cool” shade (which works well for me!)  Is it a soft orange?  Posy pink? Rose colored? What about Coral?  I remained perplexed until I finally decided that a cool posypink-rose-coral-orange shade would be fabulous!  And it is!



Thataway by China Glaze

My husband and I were watching BBC’s Top Gear at home tonight.  I was inspired by the Lamborghini to do a race-car orange manicure.  I used Thataway by China Glaze, a bright shimmery orange.  It is a very flattering color on my skin tone, but felt less than “race-car inspired.”  Have a look…




*Digs through stash for layering colors*

Significant Other Color by O.P.I. was just sitting there staring at me; it’s one polish I’ve regretted purchasing.  It’s not ugly per se, just so sheer, bland, colorless, lifeless and BLAH!  On a whim, I swiped it over Thataway; and I was blown away!

Such depth, such shimmer, flashes of yellow and green!  I wonder what other combinations I can come up with?