Times flies…

When you’re chasing babies around the house!! It’s been so long since I’ve even thought about my blog. My life is so different now, I wonder how I ever managed to paint my nails every day… sometimes several times a day.

Well if anyone was wondering where I disappeared to, I’ve been starting our family. Stella was born in November 2010, followed closely by Luna in February 2012. They are both lovely little girls, but take so much of my time and energy! I hope to someday soon get back to blogging and showing off my favorite nail polish colors. Until then…



Gosh it’s been a while!

Hi everyone!  I haven’t been feeling well, and needed to take a break from my blog for a while.  I should be back to posting very soon.  I have some birthday presents to show you, and a very special gift from a lovely lady in Holland!  See you soon.



Makeup Monday – Maybelline Color Sensational

Ever since I posted in my “Favorite Things” tag that I loved Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick, I’ve been getting alot of traffic from people looking for swatches.  So today I bring you pictures and opinions of the colors I own from this line.  Hope this helps those of you looking more information on these!

Here I have lipsticks on the left, and glosses on the right as follows:

1. Plaza Pink   2. Hooked on Pink   3. Nearly There   4. Sugared Honey  5. Yummy Plummy

1. Plumtastic  2. Sugared Honey


Plaza Pink is a soft, almost nude creme pink.  It works well as an everyday or office color, and it won’t detract from heavier eyeshadow looks.

Hooked on Pink is a bright medium creme pink; although it looks soft in the picture, it really does pop.  Perfect for going out at night, and definitely not for tamer personalities.

Nearly There is the sheerest of the shades I own.  It adds a slight hint of nude with a little shimmer and glossy finish.  It’s understated yet gorgeous.

Sugared Honey is a mid-tone nude, and I suppose “sugared” means “heavy on the frost.”  I find I need to tone down the shimmer with a creme pink lipgloss.

Yummy Plummy is a gorgeous pinky-plum creme lipstick, and my personal favorite.  I actually bought two, because I’m afraid they might stop producing these lipsticks!


They have a very nice consistency, not too sticky, and stay put for a decent amount of time.  While not heavily pigmented, they do look very nice alone or layered over lipstick.  Plumtastic is a sheer plum shade, with no shimmer.  Sugared Honey is a pinky-beige nude shade with slight shimmer.  I didn’t take pictures wearing the glosses, let me know if you really want to see a picture and I will post them up.



Plum Power by Sally Hansen

When I came across Goddess on Stage over on The Edge of Sanity, I fell instantly in love!  You really should click the link, it’s one of the most beautiful purple polishes I’ve ever seen.  Then I realized it is an H&M nail polish; no fair, they don’t sell them in the US!  I went through my nail polish stash to see if I had anything that might compare.  Sally Hansen Plum Power is as close as I’ve got, and it is nowhere near as gorgeous a purple.

Oh well.  Goddess on Stage is my most-wanted shade now…  Maybe one day I’ll have it in my hot little hands.



Essie – Mini-Haul

I had never purchased nor tried an Essie polish before now.  There are reasons behind that: Essie polishes are more expensive than most brands, while the bottles hold less product, and the colors seem rather ordinary to me.  Oh, and they’re hard to find.  At the same time, I *hear* they wear very well and the formula is among the best.  I figured they were worth a try, so while at Ulta recently, here’s what I picked up.

Exotic Liras appeared to be a muted hot pink; and although pretty, it is a light red in most lighting.  The formula is very nice and smooth; however, the brush is flared out at the tip and had hairs sticking out in all directions, making application very difficult.  Thigh High is a darkened red with a gorgeous shimmer.  Thankfully, the brush on this one had no problems whatsoever.  Unfortunately, the formula was horrible; very thick, almost lumpy, which made it difficult to apply thin, even coats.

I also found a four pack of Essie’s Fall 2008 Guilty Pleasures collection.  Here’s the best part though: being last years collection, the four pack cost only $4.95!  The catch: all the brushes on these mini-bottles were flared or curved, not good.  Rock Star Skinny is a darkened brown-red color with very subtle shimmer; I don’t care for this color, it looks flat and plain.  It’s Genius is a medium mauve-purple shade, with silvery shimmer; this is the one stand out shade, just love it.  Bold + Beautiful is a burgundy creme polish; pretty standard, we’ve all seen it before.  Sexy Divide is a blackened purple, with slight purple shimmer; it is very unique and great for Fall.

Hmmm…  The formula was hit or miss depending on the shade.  The quality of the brushes was poor.  The wear time was about average.  I’d have to say I wasn’t impressed with Essie polishes.  What do you guys think?  Did I just get a bunch of duds?



Cleopatra and Euro Trash

Now, I know gold doesn’t look so good on me.  I just don’t care because I think it’s pretty anyway…  Cleopatra is one of the new glitter polishes released by China Glaze this Fall.  It is a very yellow-toned gold glitter polish.  I know it looks kinda boring in the picture, but I assure you, it has holographic glitter as well!  The holographic glitter shines blue, green and violet and adds a beautiful yet unexpected dimension to this gorgeous glitter polish.  This formula still has a slight grainy texture even with 2 coats of Seche Vite.  In this picture I am wearing 2 coats of Cleopatra;  I could have used 2 more coats judging by the sheerness.

Hey look!  I got a picture with a little holographic glitter showing!

The other nail polish in this picture is Euro Trash by Sinful Colors.  I’ll leave you with some comparison swatches for the heck of it.  Goodnight!