Moxie by Zoya

Gotta love Zoya, they have over 300 nail polish shades to choose from, all are gorgeous.  The thing is, I have trouble browsing their Color Selector.  At first you take note of certain colors that catch your eye.  You may begin looking at the shades based on color, then undertone, checking opacity on a 1 to 5 scale, if it is glitter or shimmer or frost or aaaah…  It’s maddening, too many nail polish variables to navigate!  Eventually, I tire of that game, and stop using logic entirely.  I start picking names that I feel connected with.  I know, its a horrible way to pick nail polishes… anyhow, on to the color at hand!

I have a cat named Moxie Crimefighter; so of course Moxie jumped in my check-out basket as quick as she could.  Not my cat Moxie (she doesn’t really do “jump”), Moxie by Zoya of course!  I had seen this shade swatched several times before, and it always just looked alright.  Once I tried it on though, I loved the color straight away.  It is a gorgeous magenta creme, that appears a bit muted and darkened.

I think Moxie is going to be my go-to shade for Fall.  I love it!  Funny thing is, I had been looking for a “dark hot pink”, so to speak, when I was at Ulta the other day without any luck.  My search is over… for now!  hehe




2 thoughts on “Moxie by Zoya

  1. Lucy says:

    I’ve done that too with Zoya. So far all the colors I choose by names have been good. I also write down any shades of polish that I like. I keep a notebook by brand name filled with polish names. My dream is to have them all. Impossible but a girl can dream.

  2. nailfiles says:

    Lucy – Oh good, I thought I was the only one picking colors blind! Maybe one day you’ll have all the Zoya’s you want!

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