O.P.I. Designer Series – Mini Haul

I went shopping at Ulta few weeks ago, and spotted some O.P.I. Designer Series nail polishes.  They were all so beautiful, I just about had a heart attack!  So excited… I even think I exclaimed out loud when I saw them.  I’m not a huge fan of O.P.I.’s formula (too gloopy, is that a word?) or brushes (way too wide and clumsy); since I had not tried O.P.I. DS nail polishes before, I didn’t want to get too many.

O.P.I. Designer Series Extravagance nail polish.

I settled on two gorgeous shades: Extravagance, a deep purple, with a slight red tone; and Glamour, a beautiful medium blue.  Of course, they have that stunning holo shimmer that O.P.I. Designer Series are famous for.  The formula on these O.P.I. Designer Series nail polishes is PERFECT!!  The brushes are still quite wide, but somehow applied the polish without a slip-up.  I am so happy to add these to my little collection!




5 thoughts on “O.P.I. Designer Series – Mini Haul

  1. Cali says:

    Mmmm, they are both lovely. I’ve only recently discovered holo’s and they’re aren’t that many available here in the UK but I do have 2 DS’s in my untried pile – time to dig them out I think…

  2. nailfiles says:

    Cali – Definitely time to try one on, they’re so beautiful!

    Flinty – Thanks for the comment, and for stopping by.

    Cynthia – Hello sister, you found my blog! OMG! lol… I love you, and whatever nail polishes you want to contribute!


  3. Lucy says:

    I just love them and I’m trying to buy the ones I don’t own. They are both looking gorgeous on you. I can stare at my nails forever when I’m wearing these colors.

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