Loretta by Zoya

This nail polish is called Loretta by Zoya.  I purchased this shade simply because my mom is named Loretta.  I didn’t really examine the color or finish when ordering, and I haven’t come across swatches anywhere online.  It is a very sheer, milky, soft pink; it really looks natural and would be great for a French Manicure.  It seems like this color would be overlooked because it is so tame, but I like the way it lets the moons and tips of my nails become the focus.  This is such a change for me since I’ve been wearing outrageous glitter for the past two weeks.  I have three coats of Loretta in this picture; I didn’t paint my tips white, that is just how they are.

This is the very first time I’ve used a Zoya polish and I already love them!  The formula is superb!  I love the bottles, they’re so chic!  The brushes are good quality!  Exclamation points!  There are so many beautiful colors from this company, I feel another Zoya order coming on very soon!



P.S. I find it mildly amusing that Zoya’s Loretta nail polish is the exact shade my mom Loretta hates with a passion.  She would never be caught wearing light pink.


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