Zoya – Mini Haul

I got my package from Zoya, and immediately ripped it open!  I recieved: Roxy, a purple glitter; Moxie, a cool-tone deep hot pink creme; Blair, a blackened deep red shimmer; Loretta, a sheer milky pink; and Celine (not pictured), a warm-toned hot pink creme.  I’m upset: I didn’t order Celine, I ordered Drew!  Moxie and Celine are practically duplicates of eachother!  The number on my invoice matches the color Celine, so the mix-up is likely user-error; Valerie should not be ordering online so late at night with so many colors to choose from.  Oh well, I’ll just have to place another order to get Drew, and a couple others I’ve had my eye on.  I will be wearing these very soon and posting some pictures of them!  Take a look at some bottle shots in the meantime!



P.S. I apologize in advance, but won’t be showing photos of Celine because it does not look good on me.  I have already given it to my warm-complexioned mother, Loretta.


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