New York Color – Mini Haul

After spotting an insane glitter polish on the tips of one of my girlfriends, I decided to go out and get my very own bottle.  So off to Target I went, and discovered that New York Color nail polish cost only .94 cents a bottle!  Needless to say, I picked up more than just the one polish.

Starry Silver Glitter is a clear polish, with two types of glitter: small rainbow-holographic glitter, and big light pink and bright blue hexagonal glitter.  Purple Pizzazz is a dark purple polish with a violet-blue flash.

Polyester Pink is a cool pastel pink creme, very pretty and sweet.  Love Letters is a very sheer milky pink creme that reminded me of O.P.I. Bubble Bath.

I also bought a couple polishes from N.Y.C.’s quick-dry line, “In a New York Color Minute.”  Penn Station is a shimmery cool berry-red shade, very flattering and classy.  East Village is a shimmery teal shade; this one is so sheer it took 4 coats to be opaque.

I just love N.Y.C.’s  color selection, with trendy shades and funky glitters!  I feel that some of these could use some formula improvement; namely streaking and sheerness.  However, at .94 cents, who can complain?  The price can’t be beat!




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