Insolence by Rimmel

I purchased Insolence by Rimmel London a week ago, and have worn it twice.  It is so beautiful!  It is an off-white, cream color shimmer; I think it’s a foil finish, but not sure.  I can’t stop staring at my nails when this is on!  This is semi-sheer; I have four coats on to make it more opaque but it still shows a visible nail line.  Sadly, it doesn’t last more than 2 days without chipping.




4 thoughts on “Insolence by Rimmel

  1. I love th e shimmer, it’s packed! You changed your blog a little, you like Xbox! I am such a loyal Nintendo fan, does this mean we battle?! (>_<")

    • nailfiles says:

      I do play XBOX, but I also love Nintendo! I grew up playing Nintendo, and I do have a Wii. I recently started playing on an XBOX (for Final Fantasy XI and Soul Calibur)! Don’t hurt me! lol ^^

    • nailfiles says:

      I know I wished it lasted longer too! It really is beautiful, and my husband actually commented that he liked it! lol

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