Nail Tek III – Treatment Review

On my continued quest to improve my nail health, I decided to look into the Nail Tek line of products.  I found the display at my local CVS and read over the available formulas: Nail Tek I is for healthy nails, nope; Nail Tek II is for soft, peeling nails; and Nail Tek III is for dry, brittle nails.  My nails are paper-thin, brittle, and bendable; making manicures chip within 2 days, and tips and corners snap off.  The top layers of my nails peel off in large sheets leaving visible dents.  I can’t go a week without having to chop my nails down to match the broken or peeling nail.

Figuring I need as much help as I can get, I chose Nail Tek III “Protection Plus.”  The instructions are simple: use Nail Tek as you would your normal base and top coat; follow with a coat of Nail Tek daily.

The Nail Tek formula is smooth and glides right onto the nail without running into the cuticles.  It dries in minutes, and doesn’t cause any bubbling; even when I put it over slightly wet nail polish, because I’m impatient.  The formula works great as a base, it really grips the color, and as a top coat with great shine.  After just two weeks of using Nail Tek III, I have noticed a significant improvement in my nails.  I have actually had to file my nails down to keep them from getting too long.  They no longer peel, they bend and break less, and feel stronger.  I have only had one corner break off my left middle finger, and that was my own fault in the kitchen.  I’m just blown away at how well this product works, and how quickly!

With these results, I would say Nail Tek III is my new Holy Grail product!  Never in my life have my nails been in such great condition.  When this bottle runs out, I think I’ll try the Nail Tek Foundation III to see how it compares.  All in all, I would highly recommend this product to anyone out there having trouble growing their nails, or nail breakage, and peeling!




3 thoughts on “Nail Tek III – Treatment Review

  1. I have that same exact problem! Paper-thin, brittle, bends in half type. I have never seen this anywhere, is CVS like Walgreens and Rite Aid type store? I have to try this! Thanks for the review 😀

    • nailfiles says:

      Wow Kae you have such beautiful nails, I never would have thought you have problem-nails like me! 🙂
      CVS is exactly like a Walgreen’s or Rite Aid; but I’ve never seen Nail Tek at either of those stores, just CVS. I know you can purchase Nail Tek online too. Let me know how it goes if you use it too, ok!?

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