Cha Cha Red by Sinful Colors

I love to use Sinful Colors nail polishes!  They go on great, cost less than $2 each, have a huge color and finish selection, and last a long time compared to other drugstore brands.  I was so happy when I found Sinful Colors at Walgreen’s last month; Cha Cha Red was one of 10 polishes that came home with me that day.

I really love this shade of pink; that’s right pink.  Although this nail polish is called Cha Cha Red by Sinful Colors, it is a medium-dark cool pink creme.  For some reason, it is coming out medium-light pink in the photo.  There is a more true-to-color photo over here: Sinful Colors Mini-Haul.  This polish is so opaque that I could have used only one coat, but I have 2 coats on in this picture.

Anyone else have a drugstore brand they love, or a Sinful Colors fanatic like me?




4 thoughts on “Cha Cha Red by Sinful Colors

  1. I love that shade! I’ll have to look for that one. I like Sinful alot also, some are a bit sheer, but most are just fine. That one sounds like it gave you a great application 🙂

  2. nailfiles says:

    Kae! Thanks, I love it too! And my husband agrees with you about my toes !

    Mary! This one went on like butter! I usually have great application with Sinful Colors, guess I’m a lucky one. Other people I’ve talked to don’t usually have such ease.


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