Rimmel London – Mini Haul

On my most recent trip to Target, I decided to try out a couple of the Rimmel London nail polish offerings.

The first one was Insolence from the Lycra Wear 10+ Minerals line.  This is the shade that caught my eye and drew me to the display in the first place.  It is a beautiful light cream color; it has a shimmery, glittering (but not glitter or pearl), almost-foil finish; it is semi-sheer, but acceptably opaque after 3 coats.  The brush on this is awesome with perfect application; it is similar to the O.P.I. Pro-Wide brush, but shorter and firmer.  Also, dried in a flash even though it isn’t a “fast-drying” formula.

The next one is Hard Edged from the 60 Seconds line.  This is an amazing duo-chrome type polish; it appears to me a charcoal black base with a very strong plum flash, and flashes of bronze and olive green depending on the light.  The formula applied smoothly and dried very fast.




8 thoughts on “Rimmel London – Mini Haul

  1. Hard Edged is awesome looking! I love those polishes that as you say, seem to have a black base. And a due-chrome is always a plus for me! I don’t have many Rimmel’s so I’ll have to look at them a bit closer the next time I see them.

    • nailfiles says:

      From the looks of the display, they have a good amount of duo-chromes. This is my first time using Rimmel polishes, so I’m not sure about the wear on these yet; I’m going to do a manicure with these very soon.

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