Funky French: Skinny Jeans by Sephora by O.P.I.

I love French Manicures with colored tips, but have never succeeded at doing one at home before.  I’ve tried both masking tape and freehand painting, it’s an utter failure (and huge mess) each time.  So I picked up adhesive guides for French Manicures last time I went to the beauty shop.  The back of my mind was telling me “This is the same as masking tape!  Don’t waste your money!”  Hmm… I bought them anyway.

I placed the strips on all my nails (getting them straight did take some practice), pressed down thoroughly and hoped for the best.  I painted my tips Skinny Jeans by Sephora by O.P.I., and Significant Other Color by O.P.I. over that.  These two polishes make a great combination!  Significant Other Color gives Skinny Jeans an almost turquoise cast in certain light because of the green-yellow flash.  Oh, and the final result?  Perfect (for the most part) French Tips!  OMG I am addicted…  I foresee many of these in my future.




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