Black Cat-Cha Later by Nicole by O.P.I.

While shopping at Target the other day, I stopped by to see if there were any new colors at the nail polish display.  Black Cat-Cha Later by Nicole by O.P.I. really caught my eye.  It is a beautiful dark brown with the most beautiful burgundy red shimmer.  Needless to say, it found its way into my shopping cart.

This is a first for me using the Nicole brand of nail polish.  I’ve read reviews of ths brand that have not been positive, but I decided to give it a try anyway.  I was impressed with the color saturation, and drying time.  On the second coat, I did encounter a slight bubbling of the polish on a couple of my nails.  Other that that, everything went very smoothly.

Here are some photos; I’ve got on 2 coats of Black Cat-Cha Later, no top coat (before clean-up so please excuse the cuticles.)  First picture is without flash, second is with flash.  Enjoy!




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