Fifth Avenue by China Glaze

I’m looking to expand my nail polish selection, to include some nude shades.  I got so lucky with Chiaroscuro that I wanted to find another neutral in a cream formula.  I picked up Fifth Avenue by China Glaze at Sally Beauty Supply; it appears to be in the same color family as Chiaroscuro, so I figured I’d give it a go.  In the bottle, Fifth Avenue is a gorgeous medium-light dusty rose-beige cream.

So on it goes, and while still wet it looks great!  Then it dries into an medium beige!  For someone with the right complexion, it would be stunning; it really is beautiful.  On me, however, the color seems muddy.  I decided to leave it on a couple of days to see how I felt about it…  By the third day I was so anxious to remove it, I made a special trip to Target just for cotton balls.  Could not wait any longer!!  Anyhow, here’s some pictures.

My husband and I went to the Renaissance Faire in Southern California.  I got henna for the first time ever.  I rather like it; wish it would last a little longer though!




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