Art Dealer Teal-er by Finger Paints

In high school, my favorite nail polish was a gorgeous teal with blue-green shimmer made by Delux.  When I saw Finger Paints nail polish in Art Dealer Teal-er sitting on the shelf at Sally Beauty Supply, I was instantly in love!  This shade looked so similar to that long lost Delux nail polish; I snatched it up!  Although it is not a match to the Delux polish, it is a gorgeous teal that is more green than blue; and it has a flashy teal shimmer.  Have a look.

I had never used a nail polish by Finger Paints before, so I didn’t know what to expect.  First off, the formula was very thin.  Yet, inexplicably, each coat took forever to dry!  After 2 coats there were brush strokes, streaks and the polish was still semi-sheer in places; see the picture above.  I applied a third coat, which fixed up the sheerness, but took about an hour to dry.  Not good.  I’m on the fence about this brand still.




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